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Parkour/Freerun Singapore

Bringing you Singapore’s very own traceurs – the Superfly Monkey Dragons. These urban ninjas are making headlines across the island and taking the idea of sports to a whole new level!

So I thought I knew what was cool until I saw them for myself. These guys make regular commuting look like a joke – getting from point A to point B the regular way just doesn’t cut it. For them, it’s all about being fly… SUPERFLY.

Flips, kicks, climbs & vaults. They are the epitome of “urban monkeys”. Clearly not your average joe, they make it seem as though they’re one with the environment. Throw something in their way and I guarantee they’ll find a way to get over, under or around it.

Balls. It takes courage (or sheer madness) to try what they’re doing. Hours of dedication and effort on their part to hone their skills to what they are today. It doesn’t come without a greater price though, broken bones, sprains, scrapes and grazes are some of the tolls these guys have gone through — I have yet to describe the mental trauma they endure.

To all the traceurs, especially the Superfly Monkey Dragons, you have my utmost respect.

(Seriously, folks. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.)

Tricks displayed in the video are performed by HIGHLY-TRAINED PROFESSIONALS who have received extensive training across the globe. They should be in NO WAY attempted or emulated by anyone without proper supervision/training. The 10-storey HDB-Climbing scene was carried out across a public stairwell, no trespassing was committed during that scene. The safety of traceurs and the public were taken into utmost consideration and importance during production. No one was injured/harmed in the creation of this video. Peace (:

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