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The Ancient Woodlands

Only on hike #2 and I’ve already got avid followers! Born an Italian and raised in India, Cecilia is no stranger to the great outdoors. She’s the epitome of an outdoorsy enthusiast who takes joy in the simple things in life. An epic time in Epping Forest, a day well spent with the best of company!

Start: Epping
End: Chingford
Hiking Distance: 22km

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Took the northern line tube from Waterloo Station to Tottenham Court Road Station, transferred to the Central line and took it to the last stop in the direction of Epping. First thing that welcomed us to Epping was a drawing of a penis on a wall outside the tube station.

Decided to take a short-cut to Epping Forest but ended up circling a car park. Hiked for what seemed like eternity before deciding to go off-road and trekked through the brambles, across muddy creeks and horse poo.

Sandflies and mosquitoes had a feast but it was worth every last step! Sighted wild deer, encountered fellow trekkers and mountain bikers.Treated ourselves to MacDonald’s near the end of our hike! (:

Memorable Moments:
– Cecilia getting lost before the hike even began (in Waterloo Train Station)
– Penis graffiti
– Sneaking in and sun-tanning on someone’s ranch
– Tree-logging supervisor approaching us in search of his new employee who got lost (lol?)
– Flower fields

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