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Autumn Red & Leaves of Gold

Autumn is in full-swing and Hike #6 takes us to yet another primeval forest in England.

Located near the border of South Wales and situated in Gloucestershire’s Forest of Dean, Puzzlewood is an enchanting woodland spanning across 14 acres, riddled with peculiar rock formations, hidden caves, ancient flora and a maze of paths. Many of these paths have existed since the early 19th century and still serve as access to the picturesque site.

The area is said to have drawn inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s idea of Middle earth in The Lord of The Rings. It also contributes as a filming location for TV shows including the likes of Merlin, Dr. Who, and J.J. Abrams upcoming motion picture: Star Wars Episode VII.

A desperately poor attempt at doing video coverage instead of photos on my trips: I know my Glidecam work was a bit shoddy this time round, but pardon me for that. It was a literal run and gun half-day hike/shoot as we were racing against time and running out of sunlight. (boooo to daylight saving!)

Experimented and shot fully in 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW for the first time, colour-corrected in DaVinci Resolve and noise-reduced with Neat Video. YouTube compression is oh-SO-horrible so you have the option of watching it in Vimeo instead! (:


Start: Cinderford
End: Lydney
Hiked Distance: 

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

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