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The Driving Force of All Nature

Traveling out of England and into the beautiful country of Wales to simply look at running water? Crazy? Evidently not. I can promise you, Waterfall Country is somewhere everyone ought to visit at least once in their life – I’m definitely going back for sure. This gem of an area, also known as the Vale of Neath (or Waterfall Country) is located in South Wales in Brecon Beacons National Park, not too far North from the cities of Swansea and Cardiff.

Honestly, not many words can describe it’s sheer beauty but I’ll try my best.


Waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh forest dew and wildflowers, the song of a random skylark fluttering from tree to tree, the crunch of leaves underfoot. Your senses are stimulated, you feel invigorated… You feel alive. You begin your hike through undulating forest terrain, eventually scrambling over craggy rocks, down and up steep paths, through brush and bramble, over mud and earth. You stop to catch your breath, taking in all the surrounding beauty; the majesty of ancient ash and oaks, hunter green canopies, the yellows, grays and juniper shades of lichen, moss and fern…

And that’s when you start to notice the crystal clear tributaries meandering alongside your path, suddenly converging at a confluence of mixed hues of copper, emerald and ivory cascading over rocky outcrops. The flow of water starts to increase as you trek along and rapids are seen in the distance. You know you’re near when the faint rumble of water rushing and pounding reaches your ears, your senses are at their peaks…

And then you finally see it – the gushing, ferocity of falling water, creating plumes of pearl-white mist lingering over a water basin carved out by the force of nature… You finally hear it – the deafening roar of a waterfall, not so much noise but more of a symphony to the ears, like the presence of a being greater than any human or animal… And you finally feel it – the power of negative ions in the air created by the the rush of water, indescribable euphoria – simply magnificent… picturesque. :O

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