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BJK Productions – Showreel 2015

A big, big thank you to all those who helped me make 2015 an incredibly fruitful year in developing my craft as a filmmaker and my growth as a person.

The places I’ve travelled, the people I’ve met, the diversity in projects and the driving force I’ve witnessed behind the many people I’ve worked with; have simply exposed me to more than any school or education system could offer. I know it sounds clichéd as hell, but I will say it again – NOTHING beats good ol’ immersive experience!

I’ve since left Europe and returned to the motherland, but I have to say the adventure is far from over. In fact, I think it’s kinda just begun! This year (2016), stay tuned for hikes up active volcanos, tropical island getaways, sun-kissed beaches, mystical temples, exotic heartland eats and crazy things we Asians are known for. Oh yeah, and new stories to be told of course (:

For now, enjoy a quick video recap from 2015! Peace out, rawr.


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