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Made in Iceland

“I feel emotional landscapes they puzzle me”


July of 2016 was upon us and the typical college kid would head south, bare-bodied and ready to busk in the summer bliss. Being hipster-wannabes and after spending a mind-blowing summer in Croatia the year before (click for video), we simply thought – why not try spending this summer like it was winter? Well, ice ice baby!

Made in Iceland takes you on an aerial journey across a land of splendour yet full of contradiction, one that would make you sometimes question science in all its entirety and hoping you paid more attention during geography class.

Iceland is literally where all the elements on our planet collide; fire meeting water, ice upon steel and wind against the earth; one might think it might have been perfect inspiration for George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and ultimately, Game of Thrones is fiction, but what we saw in Iceland? Holy **** it was LEGIT… like 100% REAL.

So mystifying yet beautiful, you would never expect rounding a mountainside to teleport you to a landscape conflicting with what you saw minutes before. One moment we were hurtling down magnificent green pastures with grazing stallions, next moment we’re faced with ancient lava fields of volcanic sand (basalt) stretching as far as the horizon. From glaciers to geothermal geysers, icy waterfalls to hot springs and crimson sunsets battling stormy skies, Iceland is full of natural beauty that guarantees to leave you breathless.

I do apologise to all those who have been asking me to do up my next video in a more narrative/story-telling manner, but being faced with something cinematic-ally incredible, it’s quite hard to resist the temptation to splurge on epic shots… The visuals really speak for themselves.

On a production-level, I think this was by far one of the most challenging shoots I’ve ever been on. Besides having to operate my drone in 40km/h winds (I kid you not, there were instances of really strong gusts that cause you to move a couple of feet if you jumped on the spot), the excessive presence of rainbows made every shot look so remarkable… I was afraid people would question the legitimacy of the video NOT having any visual effects.

The incredible cost of living also made us survive on bare essentials but we satiated ourselves with the majesty of nature, as what most hippies would do. It was also a pretty awesome experience from sleeping overnight in our car beside a glacier, but hooya road trip!

Who knows, I might just head back there during winter-winter and do a story on glacier caves and what keeps the local communities thriving, despite the decline in the once highly-lucrative whaling industry… I hear the place transforms come winter, but I do need to see it for my own eyes

For now, enjoy Made in Iceland and keep watching this space for my upcoming Made in Ireland video!

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